15 May 2020


The truth behind fogging!

All EPA-registered disinfectants require a specific residence/exposure time. The surface must be wetted with disinfectant. before air drying or machine washing/drying.


The GBAC 6-step protocol is as follows.


1. Assessing the risk of the accident scene before starting the operation

Before the inspection and start cleaning, disinfecting, and disinfecting the area You must collect as much information as possible.

  • What equipment is required?
  • What kind of cleaning and disinfectant do you need and how much do you use?


2. Pre-sterilized areas where contaminants are visible. and may complete pre-sterilization steps to reduce contamination of germs


3. Reducing transmission is the proper removal and overall disposal of biological contaminants.


4. Forensic cleaning is the removal of biological contaminants to prepare both vertical and horizontal surfaces for professional disinfection:


· Step 1 – Carefully dry the surrounding area, both vertically and horizontally, with a microfiber cloth.

· Step 2 – Repeat with detergent cleaner.


5. Professional sterilization determines your safe and effective process based on a risk assessment.

  • Determine safe and efficient processes based on risk assessments.
  • Choose your spray pattern and scope according to the 2-pass system. Use a suitable disinfectant that works with germs. together with the use of various equipment, but not limited to sprayers fog machines, or smoke machines.
  • Spray all designated surfaces thoroughly, making sure to follow the length of time listed on the disinfectant label. Make sure the surface is visibly wet during this period.


6. After evaluating the site, a visual post-inspection is carried out to confirm that it has been achieved, reviewed, and signed the scope of work.



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