1 April 2020


EPA Registered Disinfectants Ensure Peace of Mind

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses have been concerned about keeping their employees safe from contagions and disease. Therefore, it is understandable that the use of disinfectants and cleaning solutions is at the top of people’s minds.


At some point, people will be returning to work and things will start to normalize. To prevent contagions and the spread of disease, you need to choose a cleaning company that will make contagion-free hygiene a priority.


Current Pain Points


The cleaning company you choose should work closely with suppliers who offer EPA registered disinfectants for added peace of mind. Indeed, the current environment has changed and demands this type of solution. Therefore, pain points may include the following:

  • Obtaining the best disinfectant and cleaning solution in a short window of time
  • Addressing cleaning issues related to heavier foot traffic
  • Addressing ongoing health concerns about virus control
  • Ensuring that cleaning solutions supply protection to customers and employees


What Solutions Should You Seek?


Today, the cleaning company you choose must be able to solve any cleaning and hygiene concerns with tested and dependable products. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) endorses and registers the best products on the market today. Therefore, to ensure the ongoing health of your business, you need to work with a company that provides this level of protection and cleaning.


Premium Services


Fogger Disinfection


Your cleaning service should supply fogger disinfection to ensure optimum results in a short frame of time. Foggers penetrate hard-to-reach and difficult-to-disinfect areas and do a remarkable job of preventing the spread of viruses and infection. Make sure the company supports a two-pass system for fogging for the ultimate in thoroughness, and that professionals wear personal protective equipment (PPE) for added safety.


Premium Cleaning and Disinfection


You also want your cleaning provider to directly apply cleaners and disinfectants to surfaces to ensure total cleaning and protection. Use a cleaning company that only uses products that are lab-tested and certified.

That is why you need to use the services of a professional cleaner that has your company’s best interests in mind. Today, that means aligning yourself with a business that features the ultimate in cleaning, or EPA-certified fogging, and disinfection.


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