17 March 2022


Common Types of Stone Damage That Require Cleaning & Maintenance

Natural stone surfaces are commonly featured in residential and commercial spaces for their timeless aesthetic beauty and durability. Periodic cleaning, maintenance, and restoration help the natural stone in your property retain its magnificence for years on end.

As experts in stone care restoration and maintenance, our team at The Bangkok Cleaning Company manages the upkeep of stone surfaces in luxury residential and commercial buildings, among other services. Between accidental damage, normal wear and tear, and environmental damage, we manage a multitude of stone maintenance requirements – each needing to be dealt with a unique set of best practices.

The recommended maintenance and restoration solution for the stone surface at your property depends on several factors including where the stone surface is located and the type of damage or stain.


Location of Stone Surface


The nature of the damage and recommended restoration frequently depend on the location of the stone surface. These common stone surfaces in homes and businesses are susceptible to different kinds of damage:


1. Dining Countertops: water damage creates visible rings as well as reduces the shine on a polished surface. Etch marks from acidic food and beverages, organic stains, and scratches are also common surface damages


2. Indoor flooring: generally the most frequent damage occurs in the form of scratches, cracks, water damage, organic stains, oil-based stains, and etch marks due to exposure of all sorts resulting in these damages being prone to occur


3. Bar Countertops: acidic beverages will cause etch marks which completely alters the surface appearance


4. Exterior stone: often exposed to the harsh external environment resulting in discoloration, loss of luster, water damage, scratches, and cracks.


Stone Damage & Common Stains

The kind of cleaning or maintenance solution needed to restore the stone surface type of stain or damage on the surface. Stains and damages that we frequently encounter include:

1. Water and moisture damage: typically caused by water retention or seepage


2. Scratches and cracks: due to contact with sharp objects or movement of heavy objects


3. Etch marks: caused by acids, usually from food and beverages.


4. Oil-based stains: exposure to greasy substances, cooking oil, and cosmetics can leave behind difficult-to-remove stains on stone surfaces.


5. Metal & Rust Stains: Rusted metallic objects exposed to the elements make orange, brown, or blue-green stains on metal surfaces/


6. Biological stains: Coffee, tea, animal droppings, plant remains, and other biological


7. Ink & paint stains: Study and work surfaces are susceptible to such stains. Paint stains are also common in post-construction or post-renovation scenarios.


8. Fire & smoke damage: seen in areas around fireplaces and kitchens. Can also occur due to accidental damage.


9. Efflorescence: caused by mineral salt residue left behind after the evaporation of moisture beneath the stone surface


Prevention and Maintenance Tips

Regular damage prevention, cleaning, and maintenance help retain the beauty of your stone surfaces. Here are some simple yet effective tips that you can follow:


1. Wash and dry: wash the build-up of potentially damaging substances ideally with PH neutral water as frequently as possible. Make sure to dry the surfaces after washing or cleaning.


2. Avoid abrasive or acidic cleaners: abrasive or acidic cleaners wear down or stain stone surfaces.


3. Clean up: Immediately clean up spillages to avoid retention or absorption of damaging substances.


4. Handle sharp and heavy objects with care: Sharp or heavy objects can scratch, scrape, or crack stone surfaces.


5. Sealing: Stone surfaces can be coated with sealants to protect them from damage. The sealants tend to wear off over time. Resealing is important to ensure the longevity of the stone surface.


Consult specialists


The Bangkok Cleaning Company has a team of proficient specialists in stone care restoration and maintenance with expertise in restoration, maintenance, sealing, and film protection application of natural stones.

Contact us directly on 02 002 7138 or at info@bangkokcleaning.com to consult our experts regarding your stone maintenance and restoration needs.



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